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We believe that each student has individualized needs that require individualized programs at their pace. We want you to be confident that your child is in good hands. Therefore we invite you to tour our facility and meet our staff.. Upon enrollment, each child undergoes an assessment in which we determine the classroom model that best suits your child’s needs.​ In the summer, iSmile offers a summer camp program that combines social skills activities with field trip and other therapeutic activities.


  • More traditional academic curriculum

  • Standardized assignments completed by the entire class

  • Teamwork

  • Routine daily schedule of activities

  • Group lessons tailored to level of the student

  • Homework assignments daily

  • Social Skills activities

Individualized Verbal Behavior Program

  • Individualized program based on a VB assessment

  • Coursework unique to each child

  • 2:1 ratio

  • Daily group activities to help teach social skills

Summer Camp

  • Swimming pool

  • Outdoor activities

  • Field trips

    • Flamino Gardens

    • Alligator farm

    • Fairchild Botanical Gardens

    • Many more fun activities

  • Music therapy

  • Social skills activities with                       children of  typical development.

  • 2021 CAMP DATES:

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